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From The Desk Of: Zech Smith

Hey, can I ask you a little question?

Are You Successful?

You see, I don’t really know what your background is, or where you might be from, but I can make a wild stab in the dark and guess you may not be nearly as successful as you want to be. Am I right? Read this next bit very carefully.

I can’t be your babysitter.

I can’t make you be successful. You have to make your own success.

I can’t even just give you a process that’s going to make you tons of money for some minuscule amount of effort. (Hey, is that really success?)


What I can give you is my very best advice on how to get yourself up and going in a real money making online business without too much effort.

And (Amazingly) I managed to fit that all into a tiny little 444 word ‘blurb’ that will get you on your way to success, get you on the right track for your business, and take you less than 60 seconds to read.

This is the rugged essentials. Nothing more. Nothing less. You can learn all you want about PPC, SEO, Ad-Swaps, Giveaways, List Building, Joint Ventures and everything else that comes your way, but if you don’t have the essentials, you can never really expect to make it very far, right?

What Essentials Will You Learn?

  • How To Deal With Information Overload And Get On The Fast-Track To Success

  • How To Deal With Email (It’s Not What You Think)

  • The Essential Tools You’ll Need In Order To Run Your Online Business

  • EXTREMELY IMPORTANT: How To Deal With Customers The Right Way (Hardly Anyone Talks About This)

  • Basic Skills You Need When You’re Running Your Business Online - These Are Easy, But Easy To Overlook

Why Am I Giving This Away?

1. I’m a nice guy and I really want this info out there where anyone can get it. (Really)

2. I’m a lazy guy who just doesn’t want to spend a load of time putting together a long salesletter and making my guide longer. (Number 1 is a good enough reason anyway)

3. And hey, I stand to make a lot of money if everybody likes me, right? =)

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